Tropical Bloom

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Product description

Each of these tropical summer flavors in soaps not only offers a sensory journey but also caters to the needs of summer skin. From hydration to detoxification and nourishment, these soaps bring the essence of the tropics right into your daily skincare routine, ensuring your skin stays refreshed, healthy, and radiant all season long.

Apricot and kusum (safflower) form a delightful duo in a soap, infusing it with a fruity sweetness and the nourishing properties of kusum oil. This combination not only indulges the senses with its tropical scent but also provides essential vitamins and antioxidants that promote healthy, glowing skin during the summer months.

For those craving the essence of the tropics, tender coconut soap delivers a tropical paradise in every wash. Known for its hydrating and antibacterial properties, tender coconut soap not only cleanses effectively but also leaves a lingering freshness that evokes sunny beach days and cool ocean breezes.