Harmony Chakra Ritual Set

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Product description

This Box Contains: 

7 Chakra Soap+7 Chakra Bracelet

1. 7 Chakra Bracelet

The Mix Chakra Bracelet combines the qualities of all the seven chakras of your body and helps in aligning and balancing them while attracting positivity and good fortune into your life.

2. Seven Chakra Soap


Our soaps are made from aloe vera and goat milk. We use coconut oil for extra nourishment. The pigments we use are absolutely safe for the skin. Each color symbolizes every chakra. It is as follows :

1)White ( Crown Chakra) Symbolizes: Knowledge, consciousness, fulfillment, spirituality
Location: Just above the top of the head

2) Purple (Third eye chakra): Symbolizes intuition, lucidity, meditation, and trust. Located between the eyebrows on the forehead

3) Blue ( Throat Chakra): Symbolizes communication, expression, creativity, and inspiration.

4) Green (Heart Chakra): symbolizes acceptance, love, compassion, sincerity

5) Yellow (Solar Plex Chakra): Symbolizes strength, personality, power, and determination.

6) Orange ( Sacral Chakra): Symbolizes sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, and sociability.

7) Red (Root Chakra): Symbolizes energy, stability, comfort, and safety.